Occupational accidents

More information about insurances for students concerning for instance accidents during internships.

Occupational accidents

If you have accident at work

1. Report the incident as soon as circumstances permit to the Teacher in charge. Fill in the Notice of an Occupational Accident form as accurately as possible and send it to HR by e-mail health@oulu.fi.

  • Insurance company: If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ)
  • Student Health Care: The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS (Ylioppilaiden terveydenhoitosäätiö YTHS)
  • Student Accident Insurance Number: SP3556585
  • Business ID of the University Oulu: 0245895-5.

2. The Educational Institution/Employer submits the notification to the insurance company within 10 days from the notification of the occupational accident. The student/employee will receive a confirmation message about the accident report.

3. Once the compensation case has been initiated, the insurance company will notify the student/employee.

4. HR will notify the student / employee of the damage number by email. The student applies for compensation in If's compensation service at https://www.if.fi/en/commercial/claims.

5. Compensation decision is made within 30 days of the notification has been received and the student/employee will receive the decision with grounds.

In the case of insured pupils and students, the security is valid only if the student participates in practical teaching equivalent to work in accordance with the curriculum or degree criteria, on-the-job training, internship, competence demonstration or introduction to working life in an educational institution or in another place designated by the organizer of education or training or the administrator of the educational institution.

The insurance is also valid on the way from the educational institution or apartment to the place of internship or on-the-job training indicated by the organizer of the education or training, the place of introduction to working life or the place where competence demonstration was completed and vice versa. On the other hand, normal daily school trips from the apartment to the educational institution and back are not covered by the insurance, nor are deviations from the above-mentioned transition.

An occupational accident is an accident that has caused the employee an injury or illness

  • at work
  • in circumstances related to work
  • in the place of work
  • running errands for the employerng
  • On the way from home to work or from work to the home

Safety observations -form

With this announcement you can inform about a near accident or make the initiative to improve safety.