Remote desktops and VPN

Software on the remote desktops can be used not only on campuses workstations and laptops, but also on your own devices on campus or at home. When you work outside the university, you can access AVD remote services without a VPN connection, but for other remote desktops install FortiClient or OpenVPN client on your computer.

OpenVPN Client (recommended for students)

For OpenVPN you need to create an eduvpn profile:

Please note that your eduvpn profile is valid for 2 years. Its creation date appears in the name of the profile. See how to check VPN profile validity.

FortiClient (recommended for staff)

Install FortiClient on computer or mobile for VPN connection:

The VPN-portal

If you do not have a VPN client (OpenVPN Connect or FortiClient), you will get a secure connection to the university network from outside it through the VPN Portal (use the link above). The VPN connection is obtained in the web browser, but there are very limited functionalities in comparison with the use of the client.

Through this VPN portal, you can access Terveysportti and Oppiportti services. The University staff can also use Lippu Remote Desktop services through the portal.