Groups and workshops

Here you can find information about the different Study Groups organized by Guidance Services. The groups are open to all Oulu University and University of Applied Science Students.

To whom?

Are you struggling with time management issues? Do you wish to meet other students at campus and study together at the same time? Do you need someone to polish your CV and maybe need some prepping for internship interviews?

You are very welcome to join our study and career groups!

The groups are open to all University and University of Applied sciences students, no matter if you are starting your first year in Oulu or already closer to worklife. 

The groups usually are quite small, around 10 persons, and cross-disciplinary, so they are great places to meet new faces from other faculties and study programmes; and the best is, that the other students you meet, might be facing exactly the same challenges or life-situations you are. 

The groups are lead and organized by our study psychologists and study and career guides. 

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Study groups