Support for traineeship in Finland

University of Oulu awards traineeship support for their own degree students’ work placements both in Finland and abroad.

Support for Traineeships in Finland

The student applies for the support during the application period and by following the instructions on this page. Degree programme students of UO are entitled to apply for traineeship support for the paid traineeship outside University of Oulu.

The support for traineeship in Finland (total 1600 € for the traineeship outside the University of Oulu in 2024) is paid to the employer to compensate the expenses caused by organizing the traineeship period. The employer first pays the salary and at the end of the internship invoices the University support. Support is available to employers at private companies with less than 250 employees as well as employers at public and third sector (e.g. NGOs). The student is obliged to find out the size of the company.

How to apply for the traineeship support in 2024?

You can apply for the support if you are a degree programme student and the other criteria listed below are met. You also must have placement negotiations ongoing. You must apply BEFORE the traineeship period begins.

OBS! During the summer, there are delays in the processing of traineeship support applications, especially in July. You can still fill out the traineeship support application in SoleMOVE, and we will process it in the order of arrival starting from August 1.

Follow the steps:

1. Agree upon your traineeship with the teacher of the traineeship course and tentatively with the employer. Fill in a confirmation of traineeship document with your teacher.

2. Make the application on SoleMOVE. Instructions: SoleMOVE - guide for outgoing trainees.

3. Choose the Mobility type: P -Traineeship and Application period: 2024 Traineeships in Finland. Choose the Duration of your mobility: Other, please specify, and write the real start and end dates of your traineeship. On tab Exchange study information: add the employer (enterprise) and Exchange program (Work Placement in Finland).

4. Your application is processed at the Academic affairs. You will receive message from SoleMOVE when the support is tentatively accepted or denied. You will be asked to proceed to make The Traineeship Agreement. The agreement between the university and the employer should be made BEFORE the traineeship period begins. Attach the copy of the agreement to your SoleMOVE application. After the application is approved you will receive an approvance message sent by SoleMOVE.

5. You can ask for help from Academic affairs service team. Check your own programme traineeship contact person.

Academic Affairs coordinates and monitors the division of support.

Criteria for applying

The student is eligible to apply for the support for Traineeship in Finland if

  • The work placement is a part of the studies (the contents of the work placement have been approved by the student’s degree programme),
  • The work placement will last at least 2 months full-time (e.g. 1.3.-30.4. or 15.5.-14.7.),
  • The credits gained from the period is at least 5 credits,
  • The student salary is min 1 399 €/month (in 2024)
  • The student is actively registered in the University during the traineeship period,
  • The student is under employment contract with the employer during the entire traineeship period, and
  • The student has not previously completed a traineeship period supported by the University (excl. Erasmus+Traineeship).

SoleMOVE - guide for outgoing trainees

Traineeship forms

Support for traineeships in Finland 2024 is available!

Please be on time! Number of the supports is limited. Apply for support by November 30, 2024. Application period ends when the support is used. The application for the support should be made before the start date of traineeship.

Talent Boost -support for international students traineeships in Finland is also available. Follow the instructions on this page.

More information


For Employer

The University of Oulu supports companies and organizations when hiring degree students for traineeships. Support for traineeships in Finland is granted to small and medium-sized enterprises (employing fewer than 250 people) as well as to public and third sector employers (organizations, foundations).

The traineeship support is 1 600 e / traineeship. The student applies for the support from the university before the start of the traineeship. The employer first pays the salary and invoices the university after the traineeship period has ended.

Please note that due to summer holidays, there may be delays in the processing of invoices, especially in July.

Here’s how to utilize the support:

  1. Agree on the traineeship with the student.
  2. Make a traineeship agreement with the student and the university (you will receive the agreement electronically for signing).
  3. Send an invoice after the traineeship period ends. The support should be invoiced by the end of the year in which it was granted.

Criteria for supported traineeship in Finland

  • The salary paid to the trainee is at least 1 399 e / month (in 2024).
  • The duration of the internship is at least 2 months of full-time work.
  • The student is under employment contract with the employer for the duration of the internship period.

Talent Boost -program grants support for international degree students' traineeships in Finland. The amount of the support and criteria for applying are the same as above.

More information: Johanna Aromaa, johanna.aromaa (at)