Delight in the Finnish study environment

Truc Nguyen decided to pursue a master's in Software Engineering and Information Systems knowing that the University of Oulu is one of the best universities in the IT field in Finland.
Student ambassador at the university

My choice - University of Oulu

Truc was a student of Business Information Technology at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland and an exchange student at St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences, Austria, with a major in Information and Communication Technology.

After one year of working as a UI-UX designer and Front-end developer, Truc decided to continue her higher studies in Software Engineering and Information Systems at the University of Oulu. "I know that the University of Oulu is one of the best universities in the IT field in Finland, and my major courses are extremely beneficial to me", Truc mentions.

"It is my pleasure to take this opportunity. I learned a lot during my studying time and applied bits of knowledge to my work, and the result is better than I expected."

Friendly study environment

Truc defines herself as an enthusiastic and aspirational person who associates technological development with economics. "My challenges were the study environment and different seasons," Truc comments. However, she enjoys her challenges now.

"I enjoy the fair and friendly study environment and the changing seasons."

"I love to see Northern lights and play with snow in the winter, go hiking and tracking in the autumn, enjoy parties in the summer and admire the beauty of spring," Truc adds.

"I didn't think being an ambassador would give me many chances to join the university society. I also didn't know I could learn a lot in user behaviour which is important for my work," Truc further explains.

The peaceful Oulu

Truc comes from Ho Chi Minh city, the biggest city in Vietnam. She grew up in a crowded city, and one day, she decided to go to Oulu to study. "I didn't notice how much I loved this city until I felt that Oulu was my second home because of the peaceful feeling Oulu brings me," Truc comments.

"I learned to live slower and enjoy nature more."

"At the beginning, I was confused about why Oulu was too silent. But now everything has changed; I love the peace of Oulu", Truc adds.

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