Direct connection with nature and Arctic Attitude

Olcay Ayoglu chose the University of Oulu to study Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining to explore the Arctic Attitude.
Student ambassador at the university

My choice - University of Oulu

Olcay studied Mineral Processing Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. Since her department was the only one to study the subject in Turkey, she had many good opportunities for internships to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. Thus, she has the chance to utilise her expertise in various parts of the sector.

"I was always interested in the Finnish culture, and while I was studying in Istanbul, our teachers told us about the big mining companies in Finland."

After that, she began her search and found her desired programme at the University of Oulu. "The reason for choosing the University of Oulu was experiencing the "Arctic Attitude" in studies. The sector I am studying has a direct connection with nature. This attitude shows that sustainability is more important in our lives," Olcay explains.

Opportunity to experiment theory in practice

Olcay states that Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining master's programme is quite similar to her previous bachelor's degree programme content but has much more improved and expanded courses, and she could broaden her vision.

"There is a pilot plant where it provides the opportunity to practice what has been taught."

"There is a course where I have learned simulation and modelling, and it was a new area that I haven't had any experience of. It was a difficult course but at the same time fun," Olcay further mentions.

Calm and quiet atmosphere

Olcay grew up in Istanbul, a large, multicultural city. "It is also a place where Asia and Europe connect. While studying at Istanbul Technical University, I was commuting from the Asia side of Istanbul to the European side, and I could even see many differences during my 2 hours journey," Olcay explains.

As an animal lover and a positive-minded, friendly person, Olcay found Finland calm, quiet, and full of beautiful nature.

"Living in a smaller populated city made me feel calm. My first impression has not changed."

"The challenging part of living in Finland was not the freezing winter, surprisingly, but I have struggled a bit with the longer nights." Olcay mentions. However, her friends and the idea of experiencing new adventures made those days easier to live. "Also, seeing the Northern lights multiple times", she adds.

Currently, Olcay is working on her master's thesis. "I plan to finish my master thesis project successfully and hope to find a job in Finland."

Did you get interested in studying Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining?