Excellent education under northern lights

Sadeem ElBasyoni is studying Biochemistry at the University of Oulu. She came to Finland for the first time already in 2018 as an exchange student and made a decision to come back to hunt the northern lights and enjoy the excellent education.
A woman (Sadeem ElBasyoni) smiling with crossed arms

My choice - University of Oulu

In 2018 Sadeem ElBasyouni from Egypt came to Kuopio as an exchange student and enjoyed the calm lifestyle in Finland. “It was a nice six months break from crowded Alexandria,” she says. At university she enjoyed the positive learning environment with approachable teachers and the helpful nature of Finns.

Back to north

On a trip to Lapland, Sadeem experienced deep snow for the first time, but the northern lights were hiding behind thick clouds. So, a decision was made: Sadeem wanted to come back to Finland, more precisely the north, where she could hunt northern lights, while enjoying excellent education. She found what she was looking for in Oulu.

“I was looking for something between the amazing nature and city life.”

A future researcher

Sadeem’s goal is it to be a researcher. So, the Master’s programme in Biochemistry was the ideal choice for her, as it is a good basis for a future in research as well as for work in the health field. “I also wanted to experience something a bit new. I always thought of biochemistry as the intermediate between biological systems of living organisms and chemistry of drug design to treat and cure a patient, which I studied before in pharmacy,” says Sadeem.

Enjoying studies and other activities

Giving something back to society is what makes life meaningful, Sadeem believes. That is why she wants to also be involved in many social groups and activities, for example in the Erasmus Student Network ESN and in the Red Cross.

“What is compelling about the studies here is that it is done on a very small scale, making it possible to enjoy studies. It also opens the opportunity of being actively engaged in other student activities.”

Meeting Finns

Sadeem values good relationships and a supportive community and that is what she found during her first time in Finland. Even though, meeting Finns was a bit of a challenge at first for the outgoing Egyptian. “But after a couple of meetings, I could break the shyness and get to know them better. It is amazing how polite and punctual Finns are. I definitely need to learn to be exactly on time!”

Did you get interested in studying Biochemistry?