Working to see more nature and green in the future

Durba Biswas is studying Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining at Oulu Mining School. She wants to play a role in the preservation of the environment.

My choice - Oulu Mining School

When Durba Biswas from Bangladesh learned about the university of Oulu she was most taken by the nature in and around Oulu. “I loved how the university was so close to nature. The lakes and forests made me feel at home.” Durba grew up surrounded by farmland and experienced pollution only in the big cities, like Dhaka, where she graduated from environmental science. She hopes to see more nature and green in habitual areas of the future.

“Minerals have become a very important part of our life, because they are needed for many technological devices, but acquiring minerals can affect the environment a lot. I want to learn about that impact and how to remediate the consequences.”

That is why Durba chose to study in the master’s programme Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining at the University of Oulu.

Supportive teachers

Since she has a background in environmental science and is new to mining studies, Durba is happy about the supportive attitude of her teacher’s: "They are doing their absolute best to help me and always have suggestions for resources or books that I can study to catch up with the other students." She is looking forward to meeting her new friends and other classmates on campus at some point.

"Studying online is so much better than I expected! I already found some good friends, and the teachers are doing their best to make the education engaging and interesting, even though it is difficult to do that online.”

When she finally arrives to Finland, Durba wants to experience the country to its fullest: “I want to travel the whole country, learn Finnish, and make friends all over the world. I am looking forward to all the new experiences coming during the next years!”

At the time of the interview this student resided in their home country and had not yet been to Oulu due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The interviews took place during the autumn semester 2020, when studies were mostly online.

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