You’ll make the most of your opportunities with the right attitude

Ayesh Liyanage is studying Marketing at the Oulu Business School. In the future he is planning to create some kind of venture that would bridge Oulu with Sri Lanka and Scandinavia with Asia.
A portrait photo of a man (Ayesh Liyanage)

My choice - Oulu Business School

Sri Lankan Ayesh Liyanage enjoys a career in business consultancy: first working in a Singapore-based company and then launching a start-up of his own in the areas of business consultancy and industrial research. Liyanage is currently enrolled in the Marketing Master’s programme at the Oulu Business School, a move he says will help him pursue opportunities in connecting Asia and Scandinavia.

“I find the study contents are very much research-oriented and blended well within the themes of digitalization, climate change and sustainable development.”

“We get exposed to the latest research for instance in branding and marketing, and I feel that this is the real stuff. Finland is known for its advanced teaching techniques but also the practical approach to studying.”

Enjoying Oulu

Apart from his studies, Liyanage says he has enjoyed his time in Oulu. He likes to cycle and the town is well-suited for that hobby, for instance.

“It’s quite a different experience from Sri Lanka or other places in Asia I’ve been in. Oulu is a very livable city, with so many amenities available at the university. People complain about the weather, but with the right clothing, the right attitude and some vitamin D you’ll be fine. People of Oulu are very helpful and polite, if quiet,” Liyanage says.

Business is all about networks

A born businessman, Liyanage says he is very happy to find that the University of Oulu has such a start-up friendly environment and a lot of resources for people who want to start a business here.

“The university is very supportive in terms of helping students to figure out their career paths. There are mentoring programmes, CV workshops and career fairs.”

Liyanage believes in making a positive impact in society through collaboration and partnerships, and says he is looking to create some kind of venture that would bridge Oulu with Sri Lanka and Scandinavia with Asia in a more general way.

“Business is all about networks, and the university is another chance to build them. The Ambassador programme is an interesting platform for networking and collaborating with talented individuals from around the world. There are a number of opportunities for growth; you just have to have the right attitude and desire to make the most of them,” Liyanage says.

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