Making people’s lives better – now and for the future

Sara Saroukhani from Iran is studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Oulu. She is especially interested in life cycle assessment.
A woman (Sara Saroukhani) standing next to a yellow brick wall, smiling and arms crossed

My choice - University of Oulu

Solving environmental issues in order to make people’s lives now and in the future better is what Sara Saroukhani strives for in life. So, after writing her bachelor’s thesis related to environmental engineering, Sara wanted to continue in this line of study.

“I found that Finland really cares about the environment and nature, so I was interested in studying there.”

Personal interests in studies

Sara is especially interested in life cycle assessment and was delighted to see that research on this topic is done at the University of Oulu. “In order to protect the environment, it is important to assess different aspects of the life cycle of a product. For example, how are the resources extracted, how is it manufactured and how is it transferred to the customer,” she explains, “It is an important aspect and I want to learn more about it!”

“I like that industrial engineering has an impact in our society. I am mostly interested in designing solutions related to those topics.”

In the environmental engineering master’s programme at the University of Oulu Sara chose the industrial engineering path. She is looking forward to not only learning about life cycle assessment, but also for instance renewable energies.

Activities alongside studies

When in Oulu, Sara is hoping to join student associations and other groups. “I think it is important to have something next to studies, to balance life a bit, but also to meet different people and to make friends. In Teheran I was active in a book club and in a music club, where I played santoor, a traditional Persian instrument.”

Sara was curious about coming to Finland, but not only because of the environmental consciousness. “I will do my best in whatever I do, studies or work, if I know my efforts will be valued by society. I feel like Finland has the right environment to experience that kind of validation.” As an environmental engineer Sara of course also loves nature and is looking forward to exploring lakes and forests around Oulu. “I have never had an opportunity to try camping or winter sports. I really would like to know more about the culture and hobbies of Finns!”

Did you get interested in studying Environmental Engineering?