Opportunity to work on real-life projects

The advanced education system and the availability of exciting research projects motivated Esrat Jahan Promi to study Architecture at the University of Oulu.
Student ambassador at the university

My choice - Oulu School of Architecture

Esrat completed her bachelor's in Architecture from BRAC University in Dhaka and worked as an architect. Apart from many other reasons, the scholarship and the "Arctic Attitude" were significant factors why Esrat chose the University of Oulu to study Architecture.

"I like the guidance of the teachers and how helpful they are not just about studies but also about things that are affecting my study."

"I enjoy the improved education system where I am open to exploring all my interests and the amazing set of teachers who encourage a lot and listen to all my ideas as well as guide me with my studies," Esrat explains.

Interesting research projects

The Architecture master's programme allows Esrat to work on real-life projects. It helps her know about the design and how to implement it from larger to more minor scales.

"There are many scopes for one to get involved in interesting research projects held in the University of Oulu."

"For example, in our first year, we were allowed to design the new university campus, which was one of the most interesting projects. In that project, we not only made the design decisions based on the student requirements but also considered the perception of stakeholders, city planning regulations, sustainability as well as predicting the future of the campus within the city," Esrat explains.

The calmness of Oulu

Esrat was born in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and lived there for most of her life. "It is one of the fast-growing modern metropolises and most densely populated cities worldwide. Unlike Oulu, where people appreciate their personal space, in Dhaka, it is tough for anyone to end their day without interacting with strangers. Despite all this hustle and bustle, there is liveliness in every corner of Dhaka," Esrat adds.

Though she appreciates the calmness in Oulu, she misses the late-night discussions with friends over a cup of tea at a tea stall around the corner of the streets in Dhaka. "However, I feel blessed to be able to live so close to nature in Oulu and love the long walks in the nearby lakes and forests alone and with a friend," Esrat comments.

"It is peaceful in Oulu, with all the nature around helps to calm me down and focus better on the true meaning of life."

Everyone has been helpful to Esrat from the moment she landed in Finland. "The calmness really got me thinking about what I actually want in life."

Currently, Esrat is in the final year of her studies. During her free time, she has started many new hobbies such as skiing, Nordic walking, playing tennis and knitting.

"I never imagined I could learn so many new things along with my studies, but this city and its nature make me want to go outdoor and enjoy its beauty. For now, I am trying to learn more about the architecture style here and more about the research areas being held in my field and hoping to contribute if possible!"

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