Pursuing a passion for bioinformatics

Liubov Lonishin is studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oulu. In the programme she can deepen her interest in bioinformatics.
A portrait photo of a woman (Liubov Lonishin) standing in the hallway, smiling

My choice - University of Oulu

Liubov Lonishin from Saint Petersburg in Russia came to Finland for the first time 15 years ago and fell in love with the Christmas lights in snowy Helsinki. In the next few years, she came to Finland regularly as a tourist, for shopping and to enjoy the interactive science museums. “I like that you can touch everything in the museums and really learn and understand science like this. It’s amazing!”

Developing medical solutions

After finishing a bachelor’s in medical and bioengineering physics in Russia, Liubov was looking for a programme that allows to adjust it to her individual interests. In the Biomedical Engineering programme at the University of Oulu she found what she was looking for and is now deepening her interest in bioinformatics. Despite her interest in medicine Liubov never saw herself as a doctor. But as a biomedical engineer she can develop medical solutions that help people and pursue her passion for data in bioinformatics.

Enjoying Oulu and Finland

Liubov enjoys the calm and peaceful life in Oulu. “St. Petersburg is full of energy and people are always busy. Even in the smallest street in pouring rain you will see someone hurrying somewhere”, she laughs. In Oulu you can always find a calm place to breathe and relax with no people around.

“Here I am less worried about my safety, especially now during the pandemic. You can feel really safe here.”

Liubov is also ready and excited for winter in Finland: her ice skates are already in a parcel on their way to Finland, and she has plans to try cross-country skiing again once there is snow on the ground. “There has not been so much snow in St. Petersburg in the last few years, so I am really looking forward to winter in Oulu. I love snow and I prefer colder weather, so this is the right place for me.”

Did you get interested in studying Biomedical Engineering?