Master's in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary Master's programme focusing on research and development of new devices and equipment as well as eHealth services for measuring and diagnosis of human health condition.

Biomedical Engineering

Degree title

Master of Science (Technology)

Study places


Duration of studies

2 years


120 credits

Teaching method

On campus

Open university studies

6 study places available

Next application period

8-22 January 2025

Programme profile

Top reasons to study Biomedical Engineering

  • Study a multidisciplinary degree combining medicine with modern information technology in state-of-the-art facilities, including a brand-new medical imaging laboratory.
  • Learn novel health technologies such as biomaterials, biomechanics, medical imaging, digital signal and image analysis, machine learning and big data. Learn also about Internet of Medical Things such as sensors, medical software and wireless networks.
  • Flexibility to choose biomedical engineering courses, three modules tailored to provide depth to the degree.
  • Enjoy of up-to-date teaching by qualified professionals and participate in research measurements and projects in real research teams.
  • Oulu is a tech hub with established companies, world leaders and start-ups in health care technology.

The Biomedical Engineering programme is organised by internationally recognised research groups in close collaboration with the Oulu University Hospital. Strong connections exist with other health care organisations and the health technology industry. 

Explore our excellent facilities

A brand new medical imaging laboratory as well as measurement laboratories are available also for student's use during courses and lab experiments.

Core skills and competence

The programme is highly focused on experimentation, practical work and problem-based learning in its studies and research. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the programme is based on applied research and real-world problems and solutions, which is strengthened by its close links to industry.

Students will get competence on the latest methods, tools and technologies combined with issues such as:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Artificial intelligence in medicine
  • Biomechanics and biomaterials
  • Biomedical measurements
  • Biomedical signal and image processing
  • Health technology applications
  • Information systems and mobile applications in health care
  • Machine learning, deep learning and big data analytics
  • Medical device regulation
  • Medical electronics
  • Medical physics and imaging
  • Medical sensor techniques
  • Medical software
  • Radiation therapy
  • Research methods
  • Wireless measurements and networks.

The programme is inherently multidisciplinary as it combines the technological and medical expertise of two different faculties, the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine.

The study environment is multinational and multilingual, as roughly half of the teaching staff and a significant number of students come from outside of Finland.

Occupational profiles of the graduates

Biomedical Engineering degree provides versatile job opportunities in several domains where medical technology and engineering expertise are needed.

A vast majority of graduates are likely to find their career paths within the industry. An academic career is also a great option.

  • Research and Development Engineer in health technology and bioengineering companies.
  • Researcher in university and researcher institutes.
  • Doctoral Student aiming at professional researcher career.
  • Lecturer in universities and professional consulting tasks.
  • Medical Engineer or Physicist at hospitals.
  • Medical Data Scientist.
  • Public official tasks related to the quality control, and management, and establishment of safety standards.

Programme structure and courses

For detailed information about courses and the programme structure, take a look at the study guide:

See the study guide for Biomedical Engineering, programme structure and courses

Admissions criteria

Read about eligibility and admissions procedure for this programme, detailed information available at Studyinfo.

Welcome to Oulu Health Ecosystem

60+ companies operate in the health technology field in Oulu - Oura, Polar Electro, and CGI to name a few. University of Oulu closely cooperates with the ecosystem including the industry and the Oulu University Hospital.

Open university studies

You can also apply to this master's programme on basis of open university studies. Find more information about the courses and criteria below.