Studying education in a country known for quality education

Núria Torras Negredo is pursuing her master's studies in Education and Globalisation at the University of Oulu and is grateful for her educational experience in Finland.

My choice - University of Oulu

Núria studied bachelor's in Educational Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She studied a semester abroad in Amsterdam during her bachelor's and completed a minor in Diversity in Education.

After her bachelor's, she wanted to continue learning about education, focusing on policies and development. "I did extensive research all over the internet, and at the end, Education and Globalisation (EdGlo) seemed the best choice for me," Núria comments.

During my bachelor's, I learned about the Finnish education system and how equal and successful it is. Therefore, studying Education in Finland seemed like a clear choice.

Núria chose the University of Oulu because the location and the programme were the perfect fit for her. "Since Oulu was so different to my hometown, Barcelona, I thought that living somewhere so far away from everything I knew would allow me to have unforgettable memories and experiences," Núria explains.

New vision to education

"I am studying education in Finland, a country known for equal and quality education," Núria adds.

Studying Education and Globalisation in Oulu means that you can explore education through different lenses with classmates from all around the world.

As part of one of her courses, she and her classmates are creating a journal called "Education beyond Hegemonic Structures". "All EdGlo students have participated by writing at least one article, and we have been involved in the social media, editing, or design team," Núria explains. It has allowed her to gain experience in academic research and writing and apply the theory and content she has learned through her courses in a more practical setting.

Now Finnish winter is my favourite season

Núria is from Barcelona (Spain), a vibrant city with sunny and warm weather. "I loved the fast-paced energy from my home city, where there's always tons of things to do," Núria adds.

"I arrived in Finland in mid-August, directly from Spain. When I left Spain, it was 35 degrees, and when I arrived in Oulu, it was 5 degrees; I was terrified!" Núria describes her first experience in Finland. "At first, I was scared about the darkness and the cold that was ahead of me during the winter months, but I can say that in the end, I adapted well, and now Finnish winter is my favourite season."

Núria is grateful for her educational experience in Finland so far.

It's incredible to have friends and classmates from all around the world, the freedom and autonomy to organize my work, and all the resources, opportunities available at the university.

Núria loves new experiences and making the most out of them. "I will pursue an internship abroad this summer, and I am planning on studying abroad next semester." Currently, Núria is looking forward to experiencing and taking full advantage of all that the University of Oulu has to offer.

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