Master's in Education for Global Futures

Education for Global Futures is a full-time two-year master’s degree programme facilitating global dialogues in and about education, with the aim of critically re-imagining education based on social justice and decolonial thinking.

Education for Global Futures (EdGlo)

Degree title

Master of Arts

Study places


Duration of studies

2 years


120 credits

Teaching method

On campus

Next application period

8-22 January 2025

Programme profile

Top reasons to study Education for Global Futures

  • Engage in a truly transformative experience, working collaboratively in challenging and unlearning truths and beliefs we have taken for granted, re-imagining education together for more sustainable and peaceful futures.
  • Explore your passions and interests with similarly minded peers from all over the world, in our student-centred programme guided and supported by our diverse faculty team members.
  • Critically appraise education in a time of rapid change, by engaging in studies that are multidisciplinary and research-based.
  • Participate in academic dialogues and publications, and expand your network with our partners, other students, scholars and practitioners from North-South-East-West.
  • Transform into an adaptable, independent and flexible educational expert within our community, which promotes the concept of Critical, Open, Active, Caring and Humble (COACH).

Rethinking education and its policies

Since we are living in an ever changing and increasingly complex world - facing issues such as human rights violations, surge in AI applications, increasing migration, rise of disinformation and polarisation – simple, quick and easy solutions are not available.

Our EdGlo degree programme is engaging with such changes and challenges, by using a research-based approach to further develop and rethink education and policy in order to advance social justice, interculturalism, peace and inclusion.

Join us and enter an intercultural and student-centred study environment, where diversity is not only our reality but also an instrumental and crucial tool in learning about and for better global futures.

Students major in Educational Sciences

Within our programme, you will have the opportunity to study in a minor called Education in Transition. This minor is offered if you have not studied education in your previous degree, or if you are simply interested in deepening your knowledge about education. If you have studied education in your previous studies, there is a number of other minors you can choose as part of your degree.

You will have the opportunity to apply your newly gained knowledge in practice, during the internship included within our programme. This will not only strengthen the work-life relevance of your studies but also build your own professional development. You will have the opportunity to find an internship in Finland or internationally in a variety of settings, such as intergovernmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, or educational institutions.

Gain new expertise in our programme, building on new skills and knowledge transferable to your future careers. Upon graduation, you will be awarded a Master of Arts (Education) degree which enables you to continue your academic studies at doctoral level.

This degree, by itself does not provide students with a formal teaching qualification.

Core skills and competence

EdGlo graduates acquire a wide range of skills and competences designed to prepare for effective and impactful roles in education, particularly within international and multicultural contexts, on the local and global levels. The key skills and competences include:

  • Intercultural Competences, Communication and Collaboration
  • Ethical and Reflective Practice
  • Global and Comparative Analysis
  • Research Proficiency and Pedagogical Expertise
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • Development and Education
  • Educational Policy and Leadership.

Programme structure and courses

For detailed information about courses and the programme structure, look at the study guide:
See study guide for Education for Global Futures programme structure and courses

Careers of our alumni

The EdGlo programme is not designed for a direct or specific career path but instead, it focuses on encouraging independent thinking, transformative learning, critical analysis and self-reflections. Our student-centred approach allows students to further investigate and deepen their understanding of educational issues they are passionate about. They can then transfer their newly acquired knowledge and skills to different career paths.

As a result, the EdGlo master’s degree programme educates very flexible and adaptive graduates with competencies for working in national and international contexts in the public, private and civil society sectors.

Our alumni work as professionals in a variety of capacities including project leaders, coordinators, and educational consultants. EdGlo graduates are able to do tasks related to research, planning, administration, teaching, consultation and guidance. EdGlo alumni are employed in various fields such as education, development work, policy, or academia.

Admissions criteria

Read about eligibility and admissions procedure for this programme, detailed information available at Studyinfo.

Rethinking education

Become actively involved in the process of challenging the status quo and thinking about alternative ways of doing education by contributing in our EdGlo journal, academic publishing and joining the student organised conference Burning Questions.