Implementation of teaching

At the University of Oulu, teaching combines the strengths of remote and online teaching with on-campus face-to-face teaching in a learner-oriented manner that suits each situation. This approach is referred to flexible teaching. The teaching profiles, "Campus," "Flexible," and "Remote", indicated in the course descriptions, tell the students how the teaching of the course is organized.

Common practices at the University of Oulu

  • On-campus and distance learning are equally valued. The attendance requirements defined in the curricula apply to all instructional methods. The attendance for remote participation is confirmed through various means, which may include keeping cameras on during the teaching session or actively engaging in learning tasks throughout the duration of the remote teaching.
  • If the teaching is simultaneous on-campus and online, this so-called hybrid teaching must always be planned and guided in advance so that students are aware of how to participate remotely in various activities (lectures, group work, seminars, etc.) and how interaction is facilitated during remote or on-campus participation.

Teaching profiles