More than 5 million euros of donation funds allocated to the development of research and education and the well-being of students

During this year, the University of Oulu has allocated substantial donation funds for the benefit of research activities in various disciplines, key recruitments being one of the main targets. In addition, donation funds are allocated to the development of education and the well-being of students through the recruitment of a new study psychologist.

Donations enable establishing new professorships and recruitment of a new study psychologist

The University of Oulu has been active in fundraising since 2008. In addition to state matched funding campaigns, the university has implemented long-term, continuous fundraising activities. The recent state matched funding campaign ended in June this year and generated more than ten million euros for the University of Oulu.

"Donation funds and the government compensation are a significant additional resource for the University of Oulu. We warmly thank the donors, whose donations have made possible the investments made over the course of the year in new strategic openings and the well-being of students," says Marja Jokinen, director responsible for fundraising at the University of Oulu.

The university allocates the donation funds for activities that support the implementation of the university and faculty strategies, increase the effectiveness and impact of research, develop teaching and education taking into account the competence needs of the future, and support the well-being of students. The matched funding paid by the state is allocated to the university's basic capital and it strengthens the university's impact through distribution of the revenue.

Since the end of 2021, more than five million euros of donation funds have been allocated to different disciplines. Donations have enabled establishment of new professorships in, for example, business ethics, micro-entrepreneurship and water technology. With the decision made in December 2022, a new professorship in economics will also be established. Among other things, this professorship will develop cooperative business teaching and research at the University of Oulu.

In addition, donation funds are used to strengthen Swedish language skills, to support career paths of talented researchers in medicine and information and electrical engineering, to strengthen operational programs for engineering education, and to strengthen the NMR research infrastructure in the natural sciences. New openings are made in several research areas in engineering, information and electrical engineering, and medicine.

A significant investment is also made in the well-being of students. Donation funds will be used to recruit a new study psychologist. Additional resourcing enables timely support services for undergraduate students and responds to the increased demand for services. Recruitment also strengthens the teaching staff's guidance skills, e.g. by developing concrete instructions, operating models and training for guidance and teacher tutoring.

Allocation of donation funds 2021-2022, total of 5,2 million euros

Human Sciences

Strengthening Swedish language skills

Business Sciences

Establishment of the professorship in Business Ethics

Establishing a professorship in Micro-entrepreneurship

Establishment of the professorship in Financial Economics, including development of cooperative business teaching and research.

Natural Sciences

Renewing the NMR research infrastructure

Supporting mathematics education

Medical sciences

Supporting the career paths of emerging researchers

Research and development of imaging devices

Translational Medicine Research

Cardiovascular disease clinical research and cancer and brain research

Medical technology research and education

Lifelong health research


Establishing a professorship and research group in the field of water engineering and promoting business cooperation

Promotion of doctoral theses in the field of water engineering

Strengthening education action programs of engineering studies. The measures are aimed especially at cooperation with companies and higher education institutions and at the well-being of students, also taking into account the natural science fields of study.

Bio and circular economy: Funding for tenure track positions

Steel research: building research infrastructure

Vehicle and construction machinery technology: Funding for the tenure track position

Mining school: development of research and education cooperation in mining technology, strengthening of the refinement technology research group (postdoctoral researcher), development of the Recycling and treatment of process rejects -course

Civil engineering: renewing the research infrastructure of the geolaboratory, supporting young graduate students

Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Promotion of information technology and electrical engineering education, student well-being, and educational and business cooperation

Promoting education and research cooperation related to energy-efficient 6G systems, supporting the recruitment program for talented young researchers and doctoral research.

Supporting students' well-being

Recruitment of a new study psychologist

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