6G Waves magazine highlights latest achievements

Finnish 6G Flagship programme has published a new issue of 6G Waves magazine. The 56-page magazine highlights latest achievements, collaborations, and the expertise of innovators who are taking 6G research to the next level. Stories also demonstrate how our experts contribute to 5G adoption and beyond 5G development with collaborators in various sectors.

The new set of 6G white papers published in June are in a spotlight in this edition. They illustrate the complementary views and visions of 250 global experts who answered 6G Flagship´s open call and joined the thematic expert groups early this year. The white papers show the wide-scale importance of coupling research and technology development with sustainability and business, with key verticals as pathways to future sustainable systems and services. The white papers also discuss how optimal 6G solutions will rely on various stakeholder groups' early engagement to create a real societal impact towards 2030. These themes are intertwined in other stories too.

6G Waves magazine also clarifies the vision, goals and impact of 6G Flagship programme far into the future. In his foreword in the magazine, Prof. Jukka Riekki, dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Oulu, emphasizes the importance and scale of the global 6G research effort. “We are continuously looking for new innovative individuals to join us in fulfilling our ambitious goals. Now would be a perfect time for companies to join our expanding 6G ecosystem to tackle the challenges of future systems together.”

The second edition of the 6G Waves magazine is a great entry point to the mysteries of 6G research with numerous experts’ insights into where we are now, and where we could be in 10 years’ time!

Download 6G Waves magazine here

Last updated: 12.11.2020