The 70th anniversary of teacher education is celebrated at the University of Oulu

This autumn marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Oulu Teacher Training School. The current Faculty of Education and Psychology has played a central role in teacher education, especially in Northern Finland, since its inception. The 70th anniversary celebration will take place on November 15th at the University of Oulu.
Students sitting in a large lecure hall, a blond-haired teacher stands with her back to the camera.

The temporary Teacher Training School in Oulu began its operations on September 1st, 1953, five years before the founding of the University of Oulu in 1958. Over the decades, the Teacher Training School has diversified its degree programs, evolving into a multidisciplinary and international environment. The current Faculty of Education and Psychology provides education for various specialist positions, and its research on learning is internationally respected.

The faculty educates professionals in the field of education through ten degree programs and two master's programs. Graduates from these programs become experts in education, including classroom teachers, early childhood educators, subject teachers, planners, researchers, and other specialist roles.

Several well-known and respected individuals have graduated from the Oulu Teacher Training School, including the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the late President Martti Ahtisaari, who graduated as a teacher in 1959.

The research conducted by the current Faculty of Education and Psychology covers various aspects of the education field. Research topics include learning in different environments, the use of technology such as artificial intelligence in learning, phenomena related to teaching, teacher education, childhood, as well as the theoretical and philosophical foundations, values, and societal connections of the field. In psychology research, the focus is on psychological factors related to health, mental health, and well-being, such as personality and early development.

The 70th-anniversary celebration will take place at the Saalastinsali hall at the University of Oulu on November 15th from 2 PM to 4 PM. The main speaker at the event is Dr. Tytti Isohookana-Asunmaa, an emerita university lecturer, who served as a history and social sciences lecturer at the University of Oulu's Teacher Training School. The celebration will feature performances by musicians who graduated from the faculty and will delve into the history, present, and future of the faculty.

From Teacher Training School to a multidisciplinary Faculty of education and psychology:

  • The temporary Oulu Teacher Training Institute started its operations in the autumn of 1953. The Faculty of Education was established in 1974. In early 2023, the faculty took over the responsibility for psychology education, leading to the renaming of the faculty to the Faculty of Education and Psychology.
  • The faculty offers a wide range of programs, including education, learning sciences, international master's programs, teacher education programs such as elementary education, early childhood education, music education, special education, and psychology, subject teacher education, pedagogical studies within the university, and continuing education.
  • The faculty offers two international master's programs: Education and Globalisation, and Learning, Education and Technology.
  • The faculty comprises three research units: Values, Ideals, and Societal Contexts of Education; Teachers, Teaching, and Educational Communities and Learning and Learning Processes.
  • An essential part of teacher education is the Oulu University Teacher Training School, which operates in four units. Every year, over 600 students studying to become classroom, subject, and special education teachers complete their training at the school.
  • Early childhood education students participate in work placements in over 60 daycare centers in Oulu and its surrounding municipalities.
  • Lastu, an open daycare center, operates in connection with the faculty. It combines early childhood education, teacher education, and scientific research. Students practice teaching young children at Lastu during various stages of their studies.
  • The faculty has a staff of over 200 members, with over 140 personnel in the Oulu University Teacher Training School. There are more than 2000 undergraduate students, around 120 doctoral researchers.
  • In the past ten years, the faculty has awarded 5060 degrees, including 2060 bachelor's degrees, 2300 master's degrees, 3 licentiate degrees, and 83 doctoral degrees.
  • The employment situation for graduates is excellent. According to a five-year follow-up survey conducted in the fall of 2021, none of the respondents were unemployed. The corresponding figure was 1.6% the previous year and 1.0% in 2019.

For the celebration in Saalastinsali, register by 6 November.

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