Annual registration for Academic year 2022-2023

As a student at the University of Oulu, you must register for all your Study rights as present or absent during your academic year. Only as a registered student you can complete your studies, receive study guidance and graduate.

Registration for attendance (or non-attendance) is obligatory for all degree students, regardless of whether they are Bachelor’s or Master’s students or doctoral researchers. Degree students need to register as present or absent for each Study right. Registration period for continuing students for the academic year 2022–2023 is May 2 - Sept 13, 2022.

Registration is done electronically in the OILI online service. Contact your own Faculty's Academic Affairs Service Team,

  • If you are unable to register with the OILI registration service.
  • If you have already accepted your Study Right in 2021, but you have been absent due to military service or other statutory reasons.
  • If you are required to pay tuition fees (Electronic registration is not available).

New student

New students follow the guidance d My Studyinfo service. If you are a new student, please make sure you have registered as present or absent at latest August 12th, 2022.

More information on annual registration through For Students Website.

Last updated: 2.5.2022