Applicants are facing an important spring with entrance examinations - let’s remember to take care of the prevention of coronavirus

By acting responsibly together, we can contribute to ensuring that the epidemic situation does not get worse and that the applicants are able to focus on the examinations.

Entrance examinations for universities and universities of applied sciences are approaching. Most of the university examinations will be organised between 24 May and 11 June, and the universities of applied sciences entrance examination will take place between 31 May and 9 June.

In this spring’s second joint application period, 157,800 applicants applied to higher education institutions, which is 6,100 more than last year. In other words, this spring, more than one hundred thousand applicants will have entrance examinations that can determine their future. Therefore, the society as a whole needs a spirit of solidarity and precise anti-coronavirus measures to keep the applicants healthy and to ensure successful entrance examinations.

Higher education institutions and student organisations* jointly appeal to all Finns to comply with the current corona restrictions and General THL guidelines for protection against coronavirus

Let's act responsibly together

Although the summer is approaching and the restrictions are eased, we ask you to remember the large group of applicants for whom entrance examinations are an extremely important moment, the student organisations state.

By acting smart and responsibly together, we can contribute to ensuring that the epidemic situation does not deteriorate, and that the applicants are able to prepare themselves for the examinations in peace, emphasise Petri Suomala, chairman of the Unifi Vice Rector of Education meetings and Petri Lempinen, Executive Director of Arene.

Even though the safety measures at the examinations are strict, the effort of the entire society is needed to reduce coronavirus infections during the spring.

In the joint applications for higher education institutions, applications will be submitted for education starting in autumn 2021. The results of joint applications will be published by 9 July.

More information about the entrance examinations at the University of Oulu (in Finnish)

Let’s work together for #safeentranceexaminations

*Universities Finland UNIFI, The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, National Union of University Students in Finland SYL, University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland SAMOK, The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland, National Union of Vocational Students in Finland SAKKI, Finnish National Union for Students OSKU

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Last updated: 21.5.2021