Apply to become a student tutor/kummi student!

The application is open until February 14th, 2022.

The goal of the student tutoring and kummi activities is to help new students to settle in our university, get to know their own field of studies and get familiar with the student community. You can work as a student tutor for the new bachelor level students starting their studies in Autumn 2022, for students in international master's programs or work as a kummi student for exchange students during Autumn 2022 and/or Spring 2023.

As a student tutor or kummi student you play an important role and you will be trained for the role during Spring and Autumn 2022. After completing the trainings and acting as a student tutor, you will receive a work certificate and an electronic open badge, you can add to your CV or LinkedIn profile for example. You will receive a tutoring fee for your work and in some faculties it is also possible to earn credits.

In your role, you will get to meet new people, learn new skills and gain new experiences. We require that you have progressed in your own studies, and that you are responsible. As a kummi student, you must be able to communicate in English.

Faculties and degree programs are responsible for applying and naming the student tutors and kummi students. For further information you can contact your own degree programs student tutoring contact person.

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You can also send questions to: (student tutors) (kummi students)

Last updated: 24.1.2022