Apply to LITO Basic Business Studies!

LITO - Basic Business Studies module offers eight 5-credit courses completely online. The LITO courses are targeted for other than business students in the participating universities.

LITO study module offers you opportunities to develop your working-life skills by increasing your understanding how a company operates as a whole, what factors affect its operations and how to apply the focal concepts of business and economics at work. LITO studies also develop working-life skills, such as problem-solving and project management skills, self-direction and digital competence.

LITO courses are carried out as the joint effort of nine Finnish universities and organised as online studies. You can take any number and combination of 5 ECTS courses that best suits your interests and needs. The LITO courses are targeted for other than business students. Information on applying for studies can be found from cross-institutional study page. Read more about LITO studies.

Last updated: 11.8.2023