Are you already familiar with the new login window?

Logging in to the online services of the university is changing both technically and visually. The new login window is as per the image attached to this news.
Azure login window

In the new login window:

  • Enter your username in a long format familiar in the O365 service. The long username consists of your own user account for students like this: and for the staff:
  • The login includes MFA verification. You will be asked to verify your login with the authentication method you have previously chosen. As a rule, verification is asked when you sign up for services outside the campus network, but sometimes it can also be requested on a campus network or VPN connection.

The new login method uses Microsoft Azure's authentication method instead of the former ADFS. This modification work has been started for those systems using Shibboleth login that do not use the HAKA user identification system (among others, Zoom, Yuja, FileSender, Google Workspace for Education).

The new login method will be enabled on 1st June 2022 for Microsoft's web-based services (O365/M365, Azure). Thanks to SSO (Single Sign-on), you do not need to sign in these services if you are using a university workstation. However, login is required when accessing the services in the browser's InPrivate/Incognito window or using another or your own device.

NOTE. If the login after the change is not successful, it is worth clearing the browser cache. If it alone does not help, you should also remove university univ/student accounts stored in the browser and their passwords.

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More info about MFA: Multi-factor authenticator MFA (OY) (

Last updated: 2.6.2022