Become a student herald in the conferment ceremony!

The 12th Doctoral Conferment Ceremony of the University of Oulu will be arranged jointly by all faculties, on three consecutive days from 17th to 19th of May 2024. The official inauguration, the act of conferment, is the most dignified academic tradition, which largely follows a 700-year-old tradition. We now invite university students to participate as heralds to carry out this valuable celebration!
Airueita seisomassa Saalastinsalin edessä tohtoripromootiossa. Ihmiset salissa istuvat.

Heralds play an important role in the different events of the Conferment Ceremony. Tasks of the heralds include maintaining the tradition, representing the University of Oulu, standing guard of honour, receiving guests, and guiding them, keeping up cloakrooms, and helping in any practical arrangements throughout the days. For each faculty, their own heralds are a matter of honour. The heralds will be led by Chief Marshal Heikki Kontturi.

In addition to new friends and a unique experience, you will receive a diploma and the possibility to apply for 5 credits as an elective course (Working life studies: work experience 5 ECTS credits). You will also be able to gain valuable experience from international events. After the Conferment Ceremony, a thanksgiving party, karonkka, will also be organized among the heralds.

Appy to become a herald by this application form no later than 16 February 2024.

We expect you to be self-motivated and persistent. The working committee will choose suitable heralds. Info sessions for the selected heralds will be held in February. There will also be several rehearsals during the spring in hotel Lasaretti, Saalastinsali and Oulu Cathedral. It is necessary to participate most of the rehearsals.

What is the conferment ceremony?

In the ceremony, honorary doctors invited by the faculties and young doctors who have graduated in 2020–2023 or earlier, are conferred. In the Conferment Ceremony, young doctors will be symbolically conferred as full members of academia. Doctors receive their insignia: the doctoral hat and sword, the symbols of their title.

These three-day festivities include the Sword-Whetting on Friday (hotel Lasaretti), the Conferment Ceremony (University of Oulu), Procession (city centre), Ecumenical Church Service (Oulu Cathedral), and Banquet and Ball (University of Oulu) on Saturday and Sailing Trip (Maikkula Mansion) on Sunday.

We express our gratitude to future heralds in advance – You have a crucial part in preserving this centuries long, prestigious academic tradition.

Read more about the Doctoral Conferment Ceremony tradition and the role of heralds.

If you have anything to ask related to the tasks of student marshals or Conferment Ceremony, send an email to or contact directly the Chief Marshal Heikki Kontturi,

Last updated: 17.1.2024