Biocenter Oulu research project 2024 – 2027 call in the strategic focus area of lifelong health

Biocenter Oulu (BCO) is calling for new research projects for the four-year period of 1/2024 – 12/2027. Deadline for the project applications is February 28, 2023.

Call for new Biocenter Oulu projects

Biocenter Oulu (BCO) supports high-quality research in life sciences and biomedicine. BCO is now calling for new research projects for the four-year period of 1/2024 – 12/2027. The new BCO research projects should address the global challenges recognized in the strategy of the University of Oulu for the focus area Lifelong health. In this focus area the research generates a greater understanding of the factors that affect health and help promote lifelong health. The research explores human life from fetal development to old age by looking at molecular and physiological characteristics, as well as environmental, social and psychosocial factors. Lifelong health also combines technological and medical know-how to create innovations in digital health.

The proposed research projects should represent well-focused research of high international quality and are expected to have high scientific and social impact. The results of funded projects should be made public and produced following good scientific practice, i.e. the research must follow the principles of responsible research and sustainable development and should make its results, material and data openly accessible. The principles of equality and non-discrimination must also be taken into account.

The Principal Investigators (PIs) are researchers at the professor or docent (adjunct professor) level and have other significant scientific merits, as being well recognized in their field of research and have a high-quality scientific as well as a demonstrated ability to gain notable external funding for research. The responsible PI, project’s co-PIs’ and researchers must work at the University of Oulu. In the case of PIs and other researchers not working at the University of Oulu, affiliations with the University must be negotiated with the host unit by the end of 2023.

The responsible PI is welcome to submit a research project application as instructed below. We accept only one application per responsible PI. The responsible PI and co-PI can participate only in one application. No consortia applications.

Application documents listed in Instructions for the BCO research project applications should be combined in the order shown and submitted as a single combined pdf-file. The file should be named with the responsible PI’s lastname_firstname and sent electronically to the Registry Office of the University of Oulu (kirjaamo(at) latest on February 28, 2023.

The selected projects will be targeted for strategic support with partial salary for 1-2 four-year doctoral researcher and 1 post-doctoral researcher positions. These positions will be filled according to the procedures approved by the University’s HR services.

Instructions for the BCO research project 2024 – 2027 application

Please see detailed instructions in the attached document:

PDF document: BCO_project_application_instructions_15122022.pdf

Word document (this file can be copied and used as an application form): BCO_project_application_instructions_15122022.docx.

Selection procedure of projects

Each project applicant should give suggestions for international specialists to review. An independent international scientific evaluation panel nominated by the Rector of the University of Oulu will evaluate all applications. An independent external expert can be asked to review an application for the support of the panel, if needed. The evaluation process is based on similar criteria used by the Academy of Finland. These include:

  • scientific quality, innovativeness and novelty value of the research as well as its impact within the scientific community
  • feasibility of the research plan (incl. responsible science)
  • competence of the applicant and the research team in terms of project implementation and researcher training
  • quality of research environment and collaboration networks (incl. researcher mobility)
  • societal impact
  • the suitability to the BCO focus

See also Guides for reviewers (Academy project) of the Academy of Finland.

The final decision of BCO projects 2024 - 2027 is made by the Rector of the University of Oulu according to the recommendations of the evaluation panel. The four-year doctoral researcher and post-doctoral positions will be directed to the projects in the ranking order based on the external evaluation process.

For further information please contact:

Quality Manager Aija Ryyppö

Unit for Strategy and Science Policy


Coordinator Pirkko Huhtala

Biocenter Oulu


Last updated: 20.12.2022