Lifelong health

We generate a greater understanding of the factors that affect health and help promote lifelong health. We study human life from fetal development to old age by looking at molecular and physiological characteristics, as well as environmental, social and psychosocial factors. We combine technological and medical know-how to create innovations in digital health.

Research from health technology to chronic diseases

We combine strong expertise in medicine, wireless solutions, and big data analytics to develop new digital technologies for different aspects of healthcare, including diagnostics. Our world-class extracellular matrix research focuses on combatting fibrosis, the major pathologic process in several chronic diseases.

Our research in the area of lifelong health also covers:

  • birth cohorts and the health and diseases in the northern Finland population in the long term
  • hypoxia in cells and tissues, the effect of hypoxia on many common diseases and the development of new drugs
  • metabolomics and the causes of metabolic diseases
  • protein structures, relationships between protein structure and function

Researchers and projects

Take a look at our researchers and their research topics.

Research projects

The University of Oulu participates in research collaboration projects of national and international significance. Below you can find information on some research projects.

For more information on projects, see projecs funded by the European Research Council and focus area emerging projects, led by starting group leaders.

Coordination and faculties

Multidisciplinary research activities in the focus area are coordinated by the Biocenter Oulu. Research is conducted mainly in the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and, in cooperation with Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, in Medical Research Center Oulu.

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