Cancer Foundation funds cancer research at the University of Oulu

The Cancer Foundation has awarded a record €7.35 million in grants for cancer research this year. Six research groups from the University of Oulu received funding.

The Cancer Foundation has awarded a record €7.35 million in grants for cancer research this year.

The University of Oulu was awarded the following grants:

Prof. Valerio Izzi and research group, 92 558 €, Matrisome phenotype switch in cancer: prognostic and therapeutic applications, 2-year research grant

Prof. Johanna Myllyharju and research group, 120 000 €, Collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylases and lysyl hydroxylases in pancreatic cancer progression and metastasis. 2-year research grant.

Assoc. Prof. Daniela Ungureanu and research group, 117 000 €, Investigating new therapeutic vulnerabilities in ovarian cancer via targeting PI3K/RTKs signaling. 2-year research grant.

LT Peppi Karppinen and research group, 180 000 €, Signaling by 2-oxoglutarate-analogue oncometabolites and hypoxia in cancer. 3-year research grant.

M.Sc (Tech), PhD (on going) Md Ziaul Hoque and research group, 4 000 €, Staining Resilient Algorithms for Cancer Image Analysis in Digital Pathology. Dissertation grant.

MSc Susanna Koivuluoma and research group, 4 000 €, Evaluating the role of rare candidate alleles discovered by whole-exome sequencing in hereditary breast cancer predisposition. Dissertation grant.

The Cancer Foundation received 231 grant applications by the call deadline of 24 August 2022. There were 162 applications for research grants, including 11 applications for major grants. Of all applications, 44 per cent concerned clinical cancer research, that is, research that involves cancer patients.

The number of applications, especially the number of applications for dissertation grants, returned to pre-Covid levels.

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Last updated: 24.11.2022