The code of conduct in the University of Oulu – a prosperous and attractive university community

In the spring 2023, the University of Oulu has started the project for defining our ethical guidelines and principles (Code of conduct). With our ethical guidelines, we clarify our internal guidelines for staff and students, expectations for our behavior in everyday situations, and compile the rules and regulations that apply to us.

At the same time, we communicate to our partners and other parties our commitment to the principles of our operations, which are based on our values and regulations that apply to us. The starting point is always mutual respect between people, and the university requires all members of the university community to behave properly. The code of conduct work specifies the rules of acceptable behavior and activities at the University of Oulu.

With a successful Code of Conduct project, we will be able to form jointly approved ethical guidelines that create clarity, promote a healthy working atmosphere and well-being, prevent conflicts, promote equality and non-discrimination, and protect the university's reputation. The ethical guidelines defined in the project will serve as the basis for the professional and ethical activities of the entire university community in the future. The goal is that the ethical guidelines become a part of our everyday life. In order for the code of conduct to become familiar to everyone, we are also planning training for staff and students as part of the project.

Organization and participation

This project is very important for the university and its entire diverse community. During the autumn 2023, we'll invite both our staff and students to think about and draw up our common ethical principles.

A project group is going to be appointed for the code of conduct project, whose task is to prepare the practical working phases of the project with the support of the project manager (e.g. selection of the approach for the different phases of the project (preparation, implementation, monitoring)) and formulating the content after the participation of the staff and students. In addition, the project group activates and informs the staff in faculties and units about the project. Faculties and units will receive a separate nomination request later. The project will also have a steering group whose task is to define the project's goal, approve the project plan, resource the project and schedule. The steering group will be named shortly.

Please participate in the creation of our code of conduct in the autumn 2023.

Last updated: 21.6.2023