Common instructions for use of premises and campaign advertisements before the elections

Election day for the 2023 parliamentary elections is Sunday 2 April. Members of the university community are encouraged to run in the parliamentary elections, vote and participate actively in civic activities. However, even during the elections, peace for working and political neutrality must be maintained in the university’s operations. That is why we have common instructions for use of premises and campaign advertisements.

Corridor and lobby areas will can not be used or rented for the use of individual political parties or candidates. However, the university premises can be equally rented for election events in accordance with the university’s normal rental rates. Fixed political advertising or structures will not be allowed inside or outside the university.

Election posters may not be distributed in the corridors or lobbies of the university, except during election events organised by the university community.

The university media can only announce election events where representatives of different parties have the opportunity to be equally represented. In this case, it must also be indicated who will organise the event. Other political event-, party- or candidate advertising will not be published in the university media.

Members of the university staff may freely appear as private persons at the candidates’ events, but in that case, they will not be representing the university. The same applies to staff members who themselves are running for election.

You can vote in advance at Linnanmaa campus on 22-24 March from 9 am to 6 pm.

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Last updated: 16.3.2023