Course feedback: hybrid teaching, lecture records and clear Moodle course areas promote learning

In University of Oulu, you as students can give course feedback through the Peppi system after each course implementation. One of the questions in the feedback questionnaire concerns about how you evaluate the digital tools and methods used on the course promoting your learning on a scale 1-4 (1=completely disagree, 2=fairly disagree, 3=fairly agree, 4=completely agree). Digital pedagogy and video services from ICT services has now examined the responses to this question given on the period 11/2021-5/2022. You gave 6234 responses in total with the average of 3,5 – which is really good! You could also explain or define their evaluation more closely with writing. You as students gave positive feedback about flexibility of hybrid teaching, lecture records, video clips and participatory tools and qualities such Polls questionnaire and Breakout rooms in Zoom. Both praises and proposals from development were given for Moodle course areas.

Based on your written responses, especially organizing teaching as hybrid teaching was seen as promoting studying: hybrid teaching brings flexibility to the study life and even in some life situations enables learning. Similarly, lecture records and video clips available in the digital learning environments got positive feedback from you. You mentioned records and videos to be useful when summarizing the main points or when you are unable to join the teaching. Unless the lecture records were available, you requested them. You also mentioned Moodle course areas. Some of the course areas you praised for their clarity and versatile content. Anyhow, you also gave proposals for development related to improving the structure and usability of the course areas. Based on your responses, careful designing of the course areas can improve students’ learning.

You mentioned that also different participatory and activating tools* help you when summarizing the main points. You experienced Zoom’s Polls questionnaire to be an easy way to participate on the lecture and that Zoom’s Breakout rooms are useful way to increase interactivity. In addition, you gave praises for using digital interactive whiteboards.

Based on your responses, clear Moodle course area, lecture records of good quality, available digital materials and using some tool or feature to increase interactivity often result in improving students’ learning.

From your feedback our team got really good tips for developing our services. The team will build more advanced templates for Moodle course areas to support teachers in designing learning environments. Additionally, we will map the ways how to share good Moodle course area examples among teachers. We will also publish digipedatips about the good practices you mentioned in the feedback.

From now on, Digipedagogy and video services team will examine the responses of this question on a regular basis. The purpose of the examination is to perceive your point of view on what we should focus on with our support and services more in future.

-Digipedagogy and video services team / ICT Services

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Last updated: 4.11.2022