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Sustainable development minor

Sustainable Development Minor (25 ECTS) is an open minor for all degree students of the University of Oulu. It offers an opportunity for the students to familiarize themselves with the different dimensions of sustainability and to choose study modules from different faculties. Some of the minor’s courses are suitable also for the exchange students. Through this minor University of Oulu encourages its students to build a more sustainable, intelligent and humane world.

Sustainable Development Minor (25 ECTS) is a collaboration between all faculties of University of Oulu. The minor can be found in Peppi under heading ”Sustainable Development (Open minor for all students)” in category ”Minor subjects and other modules” within each faculty.

You can choose courses freely regardless of your study background since the courses of the minor do not have prerequisites. You don’t have to apply for the minor and you can also study only individual courses.

In academic year 2023-2024 there are over 70 courses available in the minor’s course listing of which over half can be studied in English. Many of the courses can still be studied during the spring term. In addition to the courses offered by the University of Oulu, you can also include courses to the minor from partner organizations listed in the minor’s description in Peppi study guide.

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Sustainability studies network’s call for applications is starting!

University of Oulu is a member of the Sustainability studies network, which is a collaborative teaching network of eight Finnish higher education institutions. The network offers courses related to sustainability and environment. The courses are open for all degree, doctoral and exchange students of the member higher education institutions.

Some of the network’s courses can also be included in the Sustainable Development Minor, check the course listing on the minor’s Peppi page. If you want to include the courses otherwise in your degree, discuss with your tutor teacher.

The student must apply for the Sustainability studies network’s courses during the application period, which is open from 17th of November until 30th of November 2023. The next call for applications is in August 2024. Every higher education institution has their own application forms for their courses, which can be found with their course listings.

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