Cross-institutional study

The University of Oulu is involved in several cross-institutional networks. Cross-institutional studies means that you can complete your studies at another university. The right to study is based on agreements between universities.

Cross-institutional study

The University of Oulu has a agreement for cross-institutional studies with Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

FITech Network University offers selected studies from all technical universities in Finland. FITech offers university courses free of charge for degree students and adult learners.

LITO - Basic business studies offer eight 5cr courses for the students of participating universities. The courses are offered completely online as a joint effort by ten Finnish universities. The target group are other than business students.

UNIC is a university alliance of eight European universities. UNIC’s objective is to increase mobility, inclusion and impact in diverse societies. The UNIC partner universities offer virtual courses for students from various fields.

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