Digital language service MOT Kielipalvelu for your language studies or work

University of Oulu and Oamk staff and students have access to MOT Kielipalvelu's collection of high-quality dictionaries, quick and data secure machine translations and proofreading. Log in with your University of Oulu or Oamk user account and start using the language tool right away!

University of Oulu and Oamk provide students and staff members with access to MOT Kielipalvelu which you can utilize in your language studies or work. MOT Kielipalvelu is a reliable and handy language tool which helps you to use and understand languages more efficiently and more precisely.

The service works on all devices and includes the following:

  • MOT Sanakirjat®: high-quality dictionaries
  • top dictionaries by The Institute for the Languages of Finland, Oxford University Press, NE and Duden
  • MOT Kääntäjä®: quick and easy machine translation
  • MOT Kielentarkistin®: useful proofreading and spell checking.

The dictionary entries feature plenty of useful grammatical information and usage examples. Learn more by watching a short video.

Start using MOT Kielipalvelu:

  1. Navigate to and click Log in in the top right corner.
  2. Choose your organization from the University or college list and click Haka Login.
  3. You can log in again with Haka whenever you need. Your browser will remember your login until the cache is cleared or the service is updated.

Note! When you are connected to your organization’s network, MOT Kielipalvelu® is ready for use without a separate registration or login at!

Last updated: 27.1.2023