Donated professorships strengthen the research in responsible business and economics at the University of Oulu

Donated professorships in the fields of business ethics and financial economics have been established at the Oulu Business School with the support of donated funds. These professorships, funded by donations earmarked for business studies, enhance the Oulu Business School's position as a strong player in research and education, supporting its strategic goals to be an international, interdisciplinary, and research-oriented business school.

The business ethics professorship complements the research in responsible business conducted at the business school, focusing on promoting ethical values in businesses, responsible leadership, and business ethics. Future business leaders increasingly need tools to address ethical issues in their decision-making processes. The position has been filled by Dr. José-Carlos García-Rosell, whose research focuses on corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and responsible leadership. García-Rosell holds the title of docent at Tampere University and the University of Maribor in Slovenia and has previously served as a lecturer at the University of Lapland.

"My appointment as a professor of business ethics is particularly significant as it provides a platform for engaging in cutting-edge research in the field of business and society. Moreover, it represents an excellent opportunity to promote more ethical and responsible business practices through education and industry collaboration,” says José-Carlos García-Rosell.

The financial economics professorship strengthens research and teaching in banking, financial systems, financial markets, and cooperative business at the Oulu Business School. Cooperatives play a vital role in contemporary and future challenges, requiring qualified experts in the field. The appointed professor, Dr. Juha-Pekka Junttila, conducts research in macroeconomics, responsible finance, banking, central bank monetary policy, the significance of cryptocurrencies, energy finance, and commodity markets.

"The financial economics professorship provides an opportunity to develop new content in research and education. Key themes include changes in banking in the digitized financial intermediation and the connections between financial and commodity markets and overall economic development. These issues are of great importance, especially for the future development of the business sector in Northern Finland," explains Juha-Pekka Junttila.

Junttila has served as a professor of economics at the University of Jyväskylä and as a dean at the University of Vaasa's Department of Accounting and Finance. He has also worked as a researcher and professor at the University of Oulu and is a docent at the University of Oulu. Junttila has extensive experience in board positions within the OP Financial Group.

The donated professorships create new opportunities for the Oulu Business School in both research and education. " The professorships in business ethics and financial economics align perfectly with our strategic objectives at the Oulu Business School and enhance our already robust research in responsible business and economics," emphasizes Janne Järvinen, the Dean of the Oulu Business School.

We warmly thank the donors for their generous contributions to business studies, which made these professorships possible.

Professors José-Carlos García-Rosell and Juha-Pekka Junttila.

Professors José-Carlos García-Rosell and Juha-Pekka Junttila.

Last updated: 7.11.2023