Enable a new eduroam certificate

A new certificate has been installed on the Eduroam server of the University of Oulu on December 8, 2022. Set your laptop, tablet and/or phone’s wireless eduroam connection to use the new certificate, as their eduroam profile no longer works with the old certificate.

With Univ devices of the staff, the introduction of a new certificate is easy, while with other devices the old eduroam profile must first be removed, i.e. choose the function Forget/Unohda. After that, the eduroam must be re-installed. A username is asked during the installation. Write your own account in the form of account@univ.yo.oulu.fi or account@student.oulu.fi.

Windows / Univ device

The Windows device indicates that a new certificate has been detected when the device is in the area of the eduroam network. Accept the certificate by pressing Connect/Yhdistä. If it doesn't work, remove the old eduroam profile and reinstall eduroam. In case of a problem, you should restart the device.

Android, iOS

First remove the old eduroam profile. Get the Geteduroam app from your app store and install it. A new profile is created.


First remove the old eduroam profile. Get your operating system-based eduroam installer from the website https://cat.eduroam.org and install eduroam. A new profile is created.

More information: Wireless network (UO) (oulu.fi)

Last updated: 8.12.2022