Equality and diversity award 2021 to applicant marketing for promoting diversity

The Equality and Diversity Committee of the University of Oulu has given the 2021 Equality and Diversity Award to applicant marketing team. The Award is recognition of long-term work on the internationalization of the University of Oulu and the equal treatment of international students.

The applicant marketing team has worked long-term for tolerance and equality in developing university´s international and domestic applicant marketing in all fields. Their work is characterized by close teamwork with both domestic and international degree students. They have been creating and developing the student ambassador activities of the University of Oulu for many years and have brought domestic and international students closer to each other as well as closer to the university staff, other friends of the university and those who are thinking about a place to study.

The applicant marketing team has contributed to the idea and development of the annual Kummi family program and a university-level Mentoring program for the University of Oulu. Both programs make an important contribution to the integration of international students into Finnish society and the enrichment of the lives of ordinary Oulu residents.

Nationally and internationally, applicant marketing team has made an important contribution to creating an image of the University of Oulu as a place where motivated students of different nationalities and backgrounds study. The satisfaction of both domestic and international students is indicated by the fact that a large part of them want to promote applicant marketing and keep in touch even after the end of their official term.

University of Oulu has given the equality award since year 2009. The goal is to help the members of the university community to become aware of the importance of the equality and diversity work. The award is given yearly for meritorious actions to promote equality and diversity work. The award (Certificate of Honour) was given by the Equality and diversity committee chair, vice rector Taina Pihlajaniemi.

Last updated: 8.10.2021