Ethical principles for the University of Oulu

In its meeting on May 28, 2024, the board of directors of the University of Oulu has approved the university's Code of Conduct, a set of ethical principles, that guide staff and students.

"The university community is diverse and more international than before. It is especially important that all members of the community feel equally welcomed and included. It is really great that we have now together created ethical guidelines that strengthen and clarify the principles of our operations. These principles inspire us to promote creative, responsible, respectful, equal and sustainable activities in our community," says rector Jouko Niinimäki.

"The project group received a wide representation from the university's faculties and units. Last fall, more than 1,300 comments were submitted to the online survey of the entire community, and they were voted on by the community members more than 1,600 times," says HR director Jarmo Okkonen, who led the preparation.

"I warmly thank the project team and everyone involved for your time."

"Thank you to the project group also on behalf of the board," says board chair Mikko Ayub.

The six ethical principles formed in the work are

1. We build a bold and encouraging atmosphere

2. We promote openness and transparency

3. We choose everyday sustainability

4. We behave with respect

5. We promote equality and non-discrimination

6. We strengthen our well-being at studies and work

The principles are based on the university's newly approved strategy and long-term values, which are creating new, taking responsibility and succeeding together.

Each principle contains a description and a handful of guidelines that must be followed in the university community. At the end of the package, there are instructions for reporting misconduct or harassment.

The ethical principles will be published in Finnish and English on the university's website during summer.

Ethical principles training will be phased in, and training will be included in staff orientations and new students' guidance.

Last updated: 28.5.2024