EXAM Visit computers have been opened to Oulainen Examinarium

EXAM computers in Oulainen Examinarium have been opened for EXAM visit. This means that students from other Universities than Oulu applied Sciences and University of Oulu can also use Oulainen Examinarium for their e-exams.

Students of Oamk and University of Oulu can consistently use EXAM visit computers for example in Rovaniemi, Joensuu, Tampere, and Helsinki. See a list of all EXAM visit points here. All Oulu EXAM’s Examinariums are free to use for students of Oamk and UO.

The EXAM Visit makes it easier to combine studies and personal life. We encourage students of Oamk and UO to use the EXAM Visit points which are offered by other Universities.

Remember that as an EXAM visitor you also represent your University, so remember to follow each University’s rules. It is also very important to cancel such EXAM reservations which will not be used.

Always read EXAM Visit instructions before making a reservation.

Last updated: 24.4.2023