Exploring Practices in Early Childhood of Tomorrow Develop resilience in social sustainable childhoods after Covid-19 (EXPECT) -project starts at the University of Oulu

A new research project explores the experiences and consequences of COVID-19 to prepare Nordic preschools in maintaining social sustainability for future pandemics or crises. The project has received funding for the years 2023-2026.

According to the Finnish Act on Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) early childhood education aims at promoting the holistic growth, development, health, and well-being of every child and provide all children with equal opportunities for early childhood education and care. The pandemic challenged the implementation of ECEC in many ways. Preparing preschools for future pandemics is an essential aim for the Nordic preschool system, as the Nordic model plays a crucial role in ensuring that all children have equal opportunities to learn, develop and ensure their well-being. In the EXPECT-project, the qualitative and quantitative research data will be collected from the ECEC personnel and families through surveys and interviews.

EXPECT-project is multidisciplinary including researchers from all Nordic countries. The faculty of Education and Psychology from the University of Oulu takes part in the project. PhD university lecturer in Early Childhood education Jaana Juutinen is the national team leader and a researcher and PhD university lecturer in Sociology Anu Alanko acts as a researcher in the project.

Link to the funding site: https://www.nordforsk.org/projects/exploring-practices-early-childhood-tomorrow-develop-resilience-social-sustainable

Last updated: 14.8.2023