Free-of-charge continuing education for micro-entrepreneurs suffering from the economic effects of the coronavirus

Finland’s first academic training course for micro-entrepreneurs began in May 2020 with two continuing education courses. The decision was made to offer the continuing education course focusing on the fundamentals of micro-entrepreneurship free of charge to all Finnish micro- and solo entrepreneurs.

National training in micro-entrepreneurship organised by the University of Oulu began on 6 May. The training is being completely conducted online, so it is possible to take the courses regardless of time and place. Unlike in normal times, the continuing education course ”Vahva yrittäjä - osaamisilla ja voimavaroilla tulosta mikroyrityksiin” (strong entrepreneur – micro-entrepreneurship through competence and resources) is being provided free of charge to micro-entrepreneurs, as the organisers want to accept entrepreneurs who have come upon hard times financially because of the coronavirus situation.

”The training is being provided to entrepreneurs at a suitable moment in time in order to help them to improve their competence, gather their resources and recover more strongly after the emergency,” says Professor Matti Muhos, director of the Kerttu Saalasti Institute, which is responsible for organising the training.

Students on the ‘Vahva yrittäjä’ (strong entrepreneur) course learn about the business expertise, knowledge and skills required in micro-enterprises (solo entrepreneur or a company employing fewer than 10 people), and they thereby learn to recognise the connection between expertise and company productivity and profitability. On the course, among other things, entrepreneurs get to make a plan for themselves in order to improve their own competence and ability to cope.

“On the course, people get to see not only their own strengths but also their weaknesses, which may be barriers to their own well-being and, ultimately, also to their success. Above all, the course sheds light on the concept of one’s own strengths and opportunities. In the end, a competence portfolio is produced, which guides the micro-entrepreneurs to manage themselves and their companies in a sustainable way, both now and in the future,” says designer of the E-learning programme, Päivi Lohikoski.

All Finnish micro-entrepreneurs can participate in the micro-entrepreneurship training, regardless of time and where they live. The training is also targeted at those working in business service functions, social decision-makers and those interested in becoming or planning to become entrepreneurs. They will be charged a reasonable course fee for the continuing education courses “Vahva yrittäjä” (strong entrepreneur) and ”Digitaalinen myynti ja markkinointi mikroyrityksissä” (digital sales and marketing in micro-enterprises).

Participation in the continuing education course does not require previous academic studies and there is no limit to the number of participants. More information about the courses can be found on the website of the University of Oulu Extension School.

Last updated: 24.11.2021