Frequent claims concerning the city campus

On 28 April 2020, the Board of the University of Oulu decided, based on a real estate strategy, that the University will start project planning for the construction of the first phase of a new campus in Raksila in the centre of Oulu. Here are the answers to some of the most common claims about the central campus.

Argument: The cost of the relocation falls on taxpayers

The University of Oulu is an independent public body that pays the costs of its own premises. The City of Oulu or its citizens do not participate in the costs of building a new campus, excluding the normal decision-making related to zoning or enabling activities located in the city-owned area. The state also does not participate in the project as an additional cost. Building the city campus will cost the university the same as the inevitable repair of the Linnanmaa campus in the coming decades.

Claim: The university is lost from its mission

The decision of the University Board on the project planning of the city campus is primarily based on securing the resources for education and research in the long run. A functioning and achievable campus will be made for future students and employees. Additionally, the fact that money is not spent in uncontrollably rising space costs will help the university to carry out its mission.

The university does not seek to secure the vitality of any district as such. Of course, we will be happy if the whole city benefits from the development and the different districts develop in a balanced way. The city of Oulu and the university have a long common success story that continues.

Argument: Building a new campus is not ecological because the old one already exists

According to a comparison of the carbon footprint of Finnish university properties, the carbon footprint of the University of Oulu is arguably the largest of all Finnish universities. The new campus will be more energy efficient and its accessible location will reduce the need for mobility and motoring. The carbon perspective is considered in the choices for the new building.

Argument: The university loses a unique connection to companies

In Oulu, companies operate in many districts. For example, in addition to the Technology village, there are significant high-tech companies in Peltola, Rusko, the city centre and Oulunsalo. For some companies, the new campus would be easier to reach, and for others the distance would remain reasonable. Business-related activities are only part of the university. For students in many fields, contacts with agencies and public employers are also important.

Argument: The city campus undermines multidisciplinarity

The University of Oulu has extensive activities on the Kontinkangas campus, and the central campus in Raksila would also serve as a meeting place for disciplines. The city centre is a place where city inhabitants can more easily enjoy the services offered by the university, such as public lectures and various events.

Argument: Investments in Linnanmaa, such as laboratories, would be wasted

The university has a lot of special facilities in Linnanmaa, such as laboratories. They will not be emptied, but the university will continue to be present in Linnanmaa - especially in activities that are important for research institutes and the University of Applied Sciences. Improving Linnanmaa's transport connections is a good thing for the residents and the attractiveness of the area.

Argument: Student housing costs would rise

The city campus is better accessible than the Linnanmaa campus on foot, by bike or by public transport. Thanks to better accessibility, students ’choice of home location will expand to more neighborhoods.

At the turn of 2018 and 2019, the Student Housing Foundation in Northern Finland conducted a study according to which the most popular residential area for university students in Oulu is the city centre. It is noteworthy that at the time of the survey, no one had yet presented the idea of city campus. Although a significant proportion of students want to live in the city centre, students are free to choose their place of residence from other residential areas as well.

Argument: The move of the university is fading North Oulu

The University of Oulu sees the area of North Oulu and Linnanmaa as a developing area. The university's activities will also remain there, and new activities will have time to develop in the area to replace the activities that are leaving.

Last updated: 22.9.2021