Geography Research Unit will start a Horizon Europe project Borders Shaping Perceptions of European Societies B-SHAPES

The 3-year long project will be coordinated by the University of Southern Denmark (Martin Klatt). The consortium involves eight universities and one research institute: SDU, Brunel University London (UK), European Academy Bozen (IT), Oulu University (FI), Eötvos Lorant University Budapest (HU), Halmstad University (SE), Technical University of Liberec (CZ), University of Wroclaw (PL) and Université de Strasbourg (FR). Further participants are the National Museum of History (BG), the Association of European Border Regions (DE), The Foundation of European Remembrance and Solidarity (PL), Kreatus Consultancy (PL) and Lungomare Art Collective (IT).

B-SHAPES will refocus on the role of borders shaping perceptions of European societies in the 21st century, confronted with the challenge of re-borderings in Europe. Borders continue to play a key role in our perceptions of societies, culture, heritage and belonging. Three empiric working packages will scrutinize the role of borders shaping perceptions focusing on Euroscepticism in border regions, national minorities and border landscapes. The University of Oulu leads the work package focusing on border landscapes (WP5).

B-SHAPES’ results will open for a reconfiguration of heritage policies. It contemplates how it is possible to replace bounded national approaches with cross-border European approaches to heritage. These will empower citizens, but also economic sectors to contribute to the creation of more inclusive visions of culture and values, increasing the quality of life not only in border regions.

Professor Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola (PI) and Dr. Fredriika Jakola will be the two researchers involved in B-SHAPES from the University of Oulu. Prokkola will lead the border landscapes work package.

For more information, contact Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola,

Picture: Art exhibit ‘Frontiers of Peace’ by Valerio Vincenzo, Schengen, Luxemburg. Photo by Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola 22.2.2023.

Last updated: 15.3.2023