Good feedback from international students – More contacts with local students wanted

International students have mainly given positive feedback on their studies and study conditions at the University of Oulu in the annual International Student Barometer survey. The University of Oulu receives better marks from students than European universities on average. Globally, there is still room for improvement, especially with regard to supporting employment.
Group of students

The choice of an university for international students is most influenced by the opportunities for future career development. 97% of the respondents have chosen Oulu on this basis.

Satisfaction with studies at the University of Oulu is 10% higher than the European average. International students are particularly pleased with the housing arrangements and living in a clean and safe country, where nature is close by.

There is room for improvement in a practical matter, opening a bank account in Finland. It can take a long time for a student to live. Second, international students want more contacts with Finnish local students.

88% of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the teaching and learning at the University of Oulu. International students consider physical learning environments and tools to be good. When the survey measures teaching and learning through 30 different factors, there are also areas to be developed.

Almost half of the respondents at the University of Oulu study various fields of technology. 37% of respondents are from European Union countries such as Germany, France and Spain. In 63% of non-EU countries, students are e.g. from Iran, China and India.

The University of Oulu has been participating in the survey for more than ten years and has developed its activities and services for international students based on its results.

Last updated: 28.3.2022