How can we improve the international student experience? – ISB results

During Autumn 2022, approximately 550 of our international students participated in the International Student Barometer (ISB) survey.

These survey results are now being presented to the University of Oulu community and students can join an engaging workshop and further develop the university with us.

ISB Feedback Presentation

First, the official Feedback Presentation will take place on Zoom on the 13th of April at 14–15.30. During the presentation, the results for the University of Oulu's International Student Barometer will be presented, strong areas outperforming the international benchmark will be highlighted. Likewise, the presentation will also cover issues for improvement in the learning, living and support areas.

The results will be presented by Nannette Ripmeester, the representative of the organizer iGraduate. The language of the event is English.

Zoom participation:

Passcode: ISB

Welcome to feedback session! If you have any questions regarding the actual survey or its results, please contact:

Student Workshop – From Results to Actions

During the official feedback presentation, attendees will be able to highlight the topics they think would be most valuable to discuss further. Then, these topics will be looked at on a deeper, more personal level at the ISB Workshop – from results to Actions.

We want to hear from our students’ personal experiences and bring this feedback into practicality. What should be done? How can the University of Oulu develop into a more supportive community for our students? This engaging workshop is aimed at international students in Oulu or those who are interested. Stakeholders and student guilds or Finnish students are also warmly welcome!

The event will be held in English at Tellus Stage on the 10th of May from 10 am to 12 pm. Coffee/tea and light snacks will be served to participants.

Welcome! Register to the Student Workshop on Webropol before 5.5.2023.

In addition to these events, the University will send a brief summary of the results to the original target group of the survey via email.

Last updated: 27.4.2023