How can you prepare for information influence activities?

The intensifying global political situation has caused concerns about increasing the influence of information and cybersecurity threats in Finland as well. Furthermore, the university community can be a target for outside influence, so it is good for all of us to stop for a while to consider how to recognise attempts to induce influence and how we all can take care of information security.

Information influence refers to activities which aim to systematically influence public opinion, behaviour and decision-makers, and hence the functioning of society. Influence may be, for example, dissemination of false or misleading information, exertion of pressure, or purpose-seeking use of information that is actually correct. Attempts to influence can come from both governmental and non-governmental actors.

Negative communication is also expected in Finland, with the aim to create fear and disagreement. As an example, it has been reported in the Netherlands that Russian students and academics in the Netherlands have been subjected to influence campaigning.

The National Cyber Security Centre in Finland has compiled instructions for identifying information influence activities. The instructions include information about information influence activities, what everyone should consider and tips on how to take care of information security and privacy.

If you notice any inappropriate communication or exertion of pressure in our university, please send an email to sty (at) to report the situation.

Take care of your information security as well

Everyone in our university community should also pay attention to information security. By using common sense and following instructions, you can protect your data, workstations and IT networks from security threats. On the websites of the ICT Services, you will find comprehensive information security guides for students and staff.

See the Information security guide for students

If you observe or suspect misuse of a network, services or an account, you can send an e-mail notification to tietoturva (at) See the instructions for reporting.

Last updated: 13.5.2022