How could the University smoothen the international study experience at UniOulu? ISB 2023 results and student workshop

The University wants to offer a smooth overall study experience for our students. Welcome aboard for developing the international student path at UniOulu! Development work will be done based on findings from the 2023 International Student Barometer feedback survey.

During Autumn 2023, approximately 570 of our international students participated in the International Student Barometer (ISB) survey. The results will be presented in the feedback presentation on Tuesday 12.3.2024 at 15.00-16.30. The official feedback presentation will be available live on Zoom, but you can also join us to watch it together at Linnanmaa Campus' Tellus Stage.

After the overall look at the results, we want to hear from you - our students. We want to hear students' feedback, ideas and thoughts on the development needs at UniOulu.

An open workshop based on the development need of international students will be held in English at Linnanmaa Campus Tellus Stage on March 26 at 2 pm. All students of the University are welcome, including exchange/degree students and doctoral researchers. We will offer coffee for participants, and to ensure the right amount of coffee, we ask students to register for the workshop on Webropol.

Every voice is valuable!

Join the development work by attending the workshop, and let your voice be heard!

We will document the discussion and feedback/ideas given at the event and start developing work based on them. For example, after last year's ISB results and workshop, the University has launched a new, mandatory staff training on Diversity and Equality for our staff members.

International Student Barometer 2023 - from results into development action

Official Feedback presentation

Tuesday 12.3.2024

Tellus Stage, Linnanmaa / Zoom


Student workshop - How could we develop the International UniOulu Experience?

Tuesday 26.3.2024

Tellus Stage, Linnanmaa


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Last updated: 8.3.2024