Human AI Synergy explored collaboration opportunities between universities and companies in the field of artificial intelligence and human sciences data

The Human AI Synergy event was held in the facilities of the LeaF research infrastructure on 29 March. The purpose of the event was to map out collaboration opportunities between university researchers and companies. From the university side, the participants included Professor Sanna Järvelä, Postdoctoral Researcher Joni Lämsä and Postdoctoral Researcher Eetu Pikkarainen. Marta Sobocinski had to cancel her attendance due to illness. In addition to researchers, the event was attended by MeKiwi Oy, Alfasoft Oy and Qridi Oy.

Sanna Järvelä opened the event by talking about the Hybrid Intelligence profiling project and the excellence it brings to the University of Oulu, as well as its unique opportunities for companies. After Professor Järvelä's speech, an introductory section was held, where researchers talked about their research and companies about their development and innovation activities and needs. After these addresses, companies and researchers understood better what kind of cooperation could be possible and viable and with whom. In addition, Kaisa Still from the Innovation Centre explained what kind of cooperation can actually be done with the university.

Once the common interests of researchers and companies were established, the workshop section of the event was held. During it, the companies met with the researchers and had a discussion of about 15 minutes about potential collaboration arrangements. The discussions were not guided but relied on the companies' and researchers' ability to find topics of mutual interest. The purpose of the discussions was to identify potential ways and topics for collaboration without yet drawing up any concrete plans.

The discussions went well. Opportunities for collaboration didn’t exist between every participating company and researcher. However, stating this fact was also an acceptable outcome, as at issue was precisely the mapping out of opportunities for collaboration. The discussions also gave rise to potential collaboration arrangements, which were further developed after the event between researchers and companies.

The event received good feedback and development ideas from both researchers and companies. The time allowed for discussion was considered short, and this will be taken into account in potential future events. In future, the aim will also be to ensure that the next step will be facilitated, i.e. when the partners have found one another, how the next step is to be taken in a way that satisfies both parties.

As a whole, the event was successful – both companies and researchers gained new information and networked better with one another. The HAiLife project, in turn, gained excellent experience in organising such workshops and suggestions for further development.

Last updated: 6.11.2023