ICT trainings move from Wistec to Eduhouse

Wistec Online is an online learning environment for ICT-themed trainings with access to students and staff at the University of Oulu. With the acquisition, Wistec Training Oy has become Eduhouse Oy and this will also bring changes to services.

Wistec's services operate normally until February 25, 2022, after which the service has a maintenance break from February 26 to 27, 2022. After that, the Wistec service has automatic redirection to Eduhouse services.

In the future, more trainings will be available as all of Wistec's trainings move to the Eduhouse environment. During the spring and summer, it is worth taking advantage of more extensive course offerings and learning new skills that will be useful in both studying and future working life. Service utilization will affect whether it will continue to be used in the fall.

The university has an organizational licence for the service, so these trainings cost you nothing.

In February, log to Wistec's service and in future to Eduhouse with your Microsoft account (account@student.oulu.fi or account@univ.yo.oulu.fi).

Update Feb 28:

  • If registration is required for the first use, register your university MS account which is the same as your O365 username. This allows you to get the benefits of the organizational licence.
Last updated: 28.2.2022