The impact of research and promotion of health and well-being: strengths of the University of Oulu in a sustainability ranking

In the QS Sustainability University Ranking, the University of Oulu was placed 227th in the assessment of sustainability. While the ranking slightly decreased from the previous year, the number of universities included in the ranking doubled. Taking into account the growth in the number of universities considered in the ranking, the University of Oulu's relative position improved.

The ranking comprises three categories: environmental impact, social impact, and governance. Environmental impact measures the impact of education, research, and other activities of the university. Social impact assesses aspects such as commitment to equality, promotion of well-being and health throughout society, and the effectiveness of education. The governance component evaluates the university's success in good governance.

In the sub-indicators measuring environmental impacts, the University of Oulu excels particularly in the impact of research. With this sub-indicator, the University of Oulu ranks among the top 100 universities in the world.

In sub-indicators measuring social impact, the University of Oulu performs best in the category evaluating how the university promotes well-being and health across society. Using this indicator, the University of Oulu also ranks among the top 100 universities worldwide.

Both environmental impact and social impact carry a weight of 45% each in the ranking, while the governance component has a weight of 10%.

Last updated: 5.12.2023